• Chest Pain When Breathing
    Chest Pain When Breathing
    Pneumonia is a respiratory condition that is caused because of an infection in the lungs.
  • Infant Bronchitis
    Infant Bronchitis
    Thus, breathing moist air into the inflamed lungs can provide a lot of relief.
  • Increasing Lung Capacity
    Increasing Lung Capacity
    Lung ability pertains to the total number of air in the lungs, after taking a deep breath; whereas lung volume is the physical dimensions of the lungs.
  • Postinflammatory Pulmonary Fibrosis
    Postinflammatory Pulmonary Fibrosis
    In this article, learn about a rarer type of lung tissue disease, postinflammatory pulmonary fibrosis and its details and treatment options.
  • Respiratory Infection Symptoms
    Respiratory Infection Symptoms
    Pneumonia is a condition the location where the lungs - to be specific - the alveoli will get impacted.
  • Fungal Infection in Lungs
    Fungal Infection in Lungs
    Fungal pneumonia, much more often referred to as candica infection in lungs, is a health condition brought on as a result of attack of certain types of fungi in the lungs.
  • Coughing at Night
    Coughing at Night
    Cough is a mechanism by which the body is able to throw away unwanted particles that have entered the throat and the lungs.
  • How Can Smoking Trigger COPD
    How Can Smoking Trigger COPD
    Chronic bronchitis will be seen as an irritation and swelling of lungs.
  • Bronchitis Symptoms in Adults
    Bronchitis Symptoms in Adults
    This is really a severe infection that has an effect on the lungs.
  • Dry Drowning in Infants
    Dry Drowning in Infants
    When we breathe, expansion of lungs takes place, which generates a negative pressure in the lungs.
  • Lung Disease Types
    Lung Disease Types
    The lung is a complex body organ comprising different houses which perform to perform probably the most vital method for tactical - breathing.
  • Lung Infection Symptoms
    Lung Infection Symptoms
    In the event that neglected, lung infections may pose severe complications.